USB-A to A Pure Data Blocker


Maximum protection from juice-jacking

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Our Pure Data Blocker not only protects your devices from viruses and hacking from an unknown USB socket while they are being charged, but also features fully transparent casing, data wires physically removed and zero electronic components inside so you can be sure the blocker itself is secure.

It is also made with a 25% lighter polycarbonate compound to be more environmentally friendly.

Simply connect the data blocker in between your charging cable and the USB socket when you need to charge your phone, tablet, satnav or other device and you can be sure that only power and no data is flowing between the two.

Blocks Data Transfer – your device will not go into ‘data transfer’ mode if connected to a computer, so you can use a computer just like a mains charger. This also prevents data hacking and any risk of viruses being loaded onto your device when charging from an unknown/public USB socket, known as Juice Jacking. It also prevents unwanted syncing/popups, eg when charging from a car’s USB socket.

Allows Charging – Many office PCs have their USB sockets disabled for security. This allows charging from those USB sockets without breaking policy. Some Blackberry or Sony devices will not charge at all from many USB chargers, this enables charging.

Compact Design – The Data Blocker is barely larger than a normal USB-A connector with a profile of just 18x11mm, so won’t block neighbouring USB sockets on your laptop or charger.

CE, RoHS Certified – Meets EU standards for safety, radiation and materials.

Independently Tested – The creator of the type of hacks that our products defend against has tested a range of data blockers. Search the internet for ‘ data blocker teardown’ to read the verdict.

Limitations –
1) Since the pure data blocker has a zero-chip design principle, it doesn’t have the SmartCharge chip featured in our 3rd Gen design. This means charging speed may be slower with some combinations of device and charger.
2) The blocker is not compatible with extra fast charging technologies such as ‘Qualcomm Quick Charge’ ‘Samsung adaptive fast charge’ as these require data transfer to be enabled. Public USB chargers do not support these standards either so your device will charge as normal.

Additional information

Weight 9 g
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 cm